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If you like saving money, then credit matters to you. With good credit, you could qualify for special financing, reduced down payments, and smaller monthly installments. Enjoy a higher quality of life and have more money to reach your goals.

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Shane Whitted

We are licensed and bonded with staff that have over 20 years of experience in helping consumers to improve credit scores by restoring their credit.

Why Your Credit Score Is Important!

Credit scores determine whether you get loans and the rates you pay.

Your credit scores determine a lot more than the loans you can get and the interest rates you pay. Insurers use credit scores to set premiums for auto and homeowners coverage. Landlords use them to decide who gets to rent their apartments. Credit scores determine who gets the best cell phone plans and who has to make bigger deposits to get utilities.
Credit scores are a financial tool, in other words, but whether they’re a lever or a hammer depends on how good they are.

  • "Estoy muy feliz, me arreglaron mi crédito y me aprobaron para comprar mi casa nueva"
    Stella Santa
    Ayudante de cocina
  • "I have only been working with Shane for a few months, my credit score has increased significantly within such a short period of time!! His communication skills are on point as well. His work ethic is astounding, his prices are very reasonable. But your credit is an investment, hands down Shane is the best."
    Natalie Abbott
    Beauty salon
  • "Rock Credit Repair has been wonderful. The service and response time was amazing and I can't thank them enough for the wonderful information I have received from them. I HIGHLY recommend them and they are able to assist all over the US! Thank you!"
    Trish Bauman
    Financial Services Professional at New York Life Insurance.

Repair your credit with the experts

Want a Mortgage or New Home

Over the last 20 years I’ve helped hundreds of folks improve their credit to get approved for a new home or mortgage refinance. If you’re planning on getting a mortgage, I’ll work closely with your lender (or help you find one) to base your credit repair program with the specific goal of getting you that mortgage approval.

Access to your personal credit coach

In addition optimizing your score loan approval, I’ll help you understand the fundamentals of credit reports and credit scores. You will know exactly how to build and maintain your credit score. You’ll learn what balances to keep, what kind of accounts to open and which ones to close.

Your Customized Credit Repair Plan

Unlike other companies with a one size fits all solution, at Rock Credit Repair you get your very own personalized credit repair program, that focuses on your personal goals and motivations of loans you want to acquire in the future. Your goals and dreams are important to me!


We use the power of FCRA laws to improve your credit score quickly
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