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We are licensed and bonded with staff that have over 20 years of experience in helping consumers to improve credit scores by restoring their credit. Our company designed a process on how we restore your credit and scores so you successfully get the home of your dreams. We have a strong business relationship with both mortgage lenders and realtors that we work with daily to help you with all your home buying needs.

Thanks to us, many of our clients are enjoying their new home!

Fast Mortgage Credit Help

Each client is unique, which is why we create an individualized credit repair mortgage approval road map for each client. Each road map includes a different level of mortgage credit repair, restoration and coaching. We want our clients to truly understand what their credit report means and what they can do immediately to increase credit scores to buy a home.
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Tips For Potential Home Buyers

Check all your three credit scores
Check for errors on reports
Pay credit cards and lines of credit down to 25%
Don't pay any collections (when you pay a collection it will still report as a derogatory)
Look for expired or unauthorized inquiries
Don't close any accounts (VERY IMPORTANT)

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Rock Credit serves potential home buyers all throughout the Dallas area as we are located in Round Rock, Texas. We are dedicated to providing people with the choice of buying a home in today’s competitive market. Call Rock Credit Today as our experienced staff can get you to where you want to be financially!


We use the power of FCRA laws to improve your credit score quickly
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